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Suggested Local EMT Class Opportunities

The Connecticut Department of Public Health Office of Emergency Medical Services maintains a list of all emergency medical service education classes that are approved in the state.  The list contains the type of class, location, dates of class, and instructor contact information.  This list is updated almost weekly with new classes.  We recommend starting with this list when you are looking to take an EMT class. 


We also recognize there are a few ambulance companies and commercial EMS training companies that run classes fairly regularly.  They are ranked below from most convenient/recommended at the top to the least at the bottom.  See each link for more information about their programs.  

(On Campus/For-Credit/Each Semester) Hartford Hospital EMT Class


Hartford Hospital works with the Allied Health Department at UConn to offer an EMT class each semester of every academic year.  The class is 4 credits and runs every Monday, Wednesday from 6-10pm and every Saturday from 9am-5pm for the length of 1 semester.  This class is run out of Koons Hall on the UConn Storrs campus and to register you must first pay Hartford Hospital and sign up through them, then they will give you the permission number to register for the AH class credit at UConn.  


Within 30 minutes drive/Commercial EMS Training:


Within 1 hours drive/Non-profit EMS Training:

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