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Meet The UConn Rescue Board of Advisors

What is the Board of Advisors?

The UConn Rescue Board of Advisors will serve as a group of supporters of UConn Rescue providing advice, oversight and support to the student Executive Board of UConn Rescue. 

What do the Board of Advisors Do?

As a member of the Board of Advisors we ask that you provide your contact information and are available to answer questions and provide support as requested by the student officers. We will also ask that you attend a short virtual meeting on a weekday evening every January and August to recap what UConn Rescue is working on and to provide support and assistance as needed. 

Why do you have a Board of Advisors?

UConn Rescue founded the Board of Advisors in February 2023 to strengthen and build our connections to the greater University Community.  Having a formal board to reach out to with questions, collaboration requests, etc. will strengthen our student run organization for many years to come.

Who is on the Board of Advisors?

The UConn Rescue Board of Advisors is currently invite-only and consists primarily of individuals and organization/department representatives we have historically worked closely with.  As members confirm their participation their names, credentials and titles will be listed below.  

Current List of Members:

In No Particular Order

Mike Zacchera
Faculty Advisor, Allied Health Adjunct Professor, Paramedic, CT OEMS MIH Coordinator

Andrew Tsao
Alumni Instructor, Former E-Board Member, Executive Recruiter

Mike Sullivan, BSN, RN, NREMT
Alumni Instructor, Former E-Board Member, Staff Nurse at Connecticut Children's

John Spencer, NRP, MPA
Chief of Service, Suffield Volunteer Ambulance Association

John Littell
Tolland Director of Public Safety, Fire Chief, Emergency Management Director

Ben Roper, Firefighter, EMT, BLS Instructor
Fire Lt. & AED Program Coordinator, UConn Fire & Captain/Training Officer, Tolland Fire


Justin Pedneault, BSN, RN, CCRN, NRP
AHA Training Site Coordinator, Alumni Instructor, Former E-Board, Paramedic, Critical Care Nurse

Richard Kamin, MD, FACEP, FAEMS
UConn Health EMS Program Director, CT DPH OEMS Medical Director
Jess Palozie, DNP, APRN
Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing, UConn School of Nursing

Kate Coupe, B.S., NRP, EMSI
Chief of Service, Granby Ambulance Association, EMSI, Paramedic, CT Airport Authority Fire Department

Drew Hedberg, EMT, EMSI
Recruitment & Training Officer, Ambulance Service of Manchester (ASM)

Neil Prendergast, Paramedic, EMSI
Emergency Medical Services Captain, UConn Fire Department

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