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Stop the Bleed is one of our nation’s largest public health campaigns designed to encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives. Its goal is to save lives by training people across the country how to stop traumatic bleeding.

Everyone can learn to save a life.

Why does this matter?

Uncontrolled bleeding is a major cause of preventable deaths. Approximately 40% of trauma-related deaths worldwide are due to bleeding or its consequences, establishing hemorrhage as the most common cause of preventable death in trauma.

Please visit and to find out how you can Stop the Bleed.


National Stop the Bleed Day is supported by the Department of Defense, the American College of Surgeons, the Department of Homeland Security and many other organizations across the country.




What is National Stop the Bleed Day?

Every great cause needs a day for people and organizations supporting it to rally around. Stop the Bleed is one of the nation’s largest public health campaigns (more on that below) and already has many terrific organizations and people supporting it in a variety of grass roots ways. National Stop the Bleed Day is designed to provide a platform for all of them to create awareness of the campaign and to engage new people and organizations to join the cause.

National Stop the Bleed Day is a campaign that starts now and peaks on May 23, 2024, the officially designated National Stop the Bleed Day. There are a number of activities and announcements planned for May 23, 2024 with some of them starting right away and building up to that day.

Stop The Bleed Day 2024 Plans

1. Please check out these two awesome websites with online learning and self study modules to learn the principles of Stop the Bleed during this time of social distancing.  

Link A: FEMA Until Help Arrives Online Program 

Link B: Uniformed Services University Online STB

2. We will be hosting a Live 1 hour Q&A event. We will be providing some demonstrations and answering all your #stopthebleed questions.  Thank you for submiting your questions by any of the following ways: email us, message us, comment on social media with the hashtag #AskUCR on FB or Instagram, or reply to our Instagram story poll during the live event.

3. Lastly, please make sure to follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram) for the latest regarding our Stop the Bleed giveaway.

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UConn Stop the Bleed Ambassador:

Justin Pedneault

Reach out to us with any questions at:

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