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Meet The UConn Rescue Instructor Team

UConn Rescue currently has a team of 17 American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) instructors and Stop the Bleed instructors.  We work hard to consistently offer the highest-quality, most accessible and affordable classes to the University of Connecticut community.  All our instructors are cross-trained to serve as Stop the Bleed Instructors as well as AHA BLS Instructors to further our offerings and education.  

UConn Rescue Instructor Team:


Aydin Calsetta

Carrie Epstein

Delia Lin

Emily Tully

Ethan Hall

Federico Giannuli

Grace McPadden

Jeremy Lesser

Kathryn Wilkinson

Kylie Elsass

Madeline Plumb

Nicole Angelescu

Rachel Perry

Rhea Koyambreth

Riley Sullivan

Tobias Fraedrich

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AHA Training Site Coordinator
Hello everyone.  I'm Justin and I've been a part of UConn Rescue since 2015 just after it was founded.  I am responsible for the creation of the training program.  I have been working in EMS since I was 14 years old and I love teaching and working with our instructor team.  I now serve as the Training Site Coordinator from the American Heart Association, overseeing all training compliance at UConn Rescue.  I graduated from UConn in May of 2019 and I have been working since August 2019 as a Registered Nurse in the Medical ICU at Hartford Hospital.  I also graduated from Hartford Hospital's Paramedic Program and work as a Paramedic on a private 911 only ambulance.  

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