Meet The UConn Rescue Instructor Team



AHA Training Site Coordinator

Hello everyone.  I'm Justin and I've been a part of UConn Rescue since 2015 just after it was founded.  I am responsible for the creation of the training program.  I have been working in EMS since I was 14 years old and I love teaching and working with our instructor team.  I now serve as the Training Site Coordinator from the American Heart Association, overseeing all training compliance at UConn Rescue.  I graduated from UConn in May of 2019 and I have been working since August 2019 as a Registered Nurse in the Medical ICU at Hartford Hospital.   

UConn Rescue has a team of 16 American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) instructors and 9 Stop the Bleed instructors.  We work hard to consistently offer the highest-quality, most accessible and affordable classes to the University of Connecticut community.  

American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructors:

Mitali Banerjee

Randy Kaoud

Jillian Fernandes

Ajitha Chivukula

Justin You

Sophia Quintana

Maribella Sousa*

Grace Azzara*

Samantha Ballas*

Julia Chrostowski*

Olivia Babick*

Hanna Sato*

Jaelle Hersey*

Nick Zeleny**

Jonathan Huzil**

Justin Pedneault**

*New BLS Instructor as of Spring 2019

** Alumni Instructor

Spring 2020 BLS Instructor Class Candidates:

Abigail Andrade

Michael Kosover

Andrew Tsao

Christopher Thompson

Emily Blackburn

Jessica Daley

Stop the Bleed Instructors:

Mitali Banerjee

Sarah Lukas

Jaelle Hersey

Callie Love

Justin You

Ajitha Chivukula

Michael Kosover

Sandhya Sanapala

Justin Pedneault**

** Alumni Instructor